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Publishing talented writers
Having written and self-published eight books over the past three years, Mike Buchanan is now starting to hold discussions with writers seeking a publisher to help them with the elements of publishing which they don’t wish to carry out themselves; in some cases, because they don’t have the time available.
While LPS currently only promotes Mike Buchanan’s books and doesn’t plan to promote other writers’ books, it can offer many of the other services which leading commercial publishers offer. The following services are offered on a contractual basis i.e. writers cover all the costs involved in the book publishing project as well as paying a management fee to LPS. A number of the services are provided by the same freelancers and suppliers Mike uses himself:
word processing
proofreading and copy-editing
formatting / typesetting
cover design
ISBN provision
paperback and hardback manufacturing including through ‘Print-on-Demand’
ebook formatting and distribution for major e-readers: Kindle, iPad, Reader, Nook, Kobo …
order fulfilment
book display on the LPS publishing website with options for book dedication, credit card order processing …
book storage and distribution
distribution of cover design and book details to online and ‘bricks and mortar’ book retailers
arranging Amazon selling packages including ‘Fulfilment by Amazon’
For a free discussion with no commitment contact Mike in the first instance at mikebuchanan@hotmail.co.uk
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